Cognitive Psychology Practicals Online Resource

Designed by George Lovell and Ken Scott-Brown of Abertay University


Session 1: Attention

Experiment 1: Change Blindness based upon Rensink O'Regan and Clark (1997)

Experiment 2: Gaze Cueing based upon Posner (1980) and Friesen and Kingstone (1998)


Session 2: Faces and Objects

Experiment 3: Face Familiarity based upon Young, Hellawell and Hay (1987)

Experiment 4: Mental Rotation based upon Sheppard and Metzler (1971) using stimuli created by Ganis and Kievit (2015)


Session 3: Thinking and Biases

Experiment 5: Problem Solving based upon Gick and Holyoak (1980)

Experiment 6: Gambling very loosely based upon Gilovich, Vallone and Tversky (1985) and Roney and Trick (2009)


Session 4: Social Cognition

Experiment 7: The implicit-association test (IAT) based upon based upon Greenwald, McGhee and Schwartz (1998)


Extra Studies

George Sperling's Iconic Memory Experiment (Needs headphones) based upon Sperling (1963) and follow on papers.

Triesman and Gelade's visual search task based upon Triesman and Gelade (1980).