Camouflaged Eye

Visual Perception and Camouflage Lab

Welcome to the homepage for the Abertay Visual Perception and Camouflage Lab run by George Lovell, Becky Sharman and Ken Scott-Brown.

Research in this lab is concerned with the processes underlying visual perception and with the ways in which camouflage undermines these processes. Our research uses a range of techniques, ranging from visual psychophysics through to behavioural studies with non-human animals.

Our visual system has evolved solve a wide range of computational problems, it enables us to judge the shape of objects based upon outline or surface shading; we can judge how far away the object is and estimate it's size; finally it allows us to reliably identify objects. Animal colouration has evolved to undermine each of these visual processes. Countershading has evolved to remove shading cues, disruptive colouration undermines the identification of animal outlines and these may combine with background matching in order to slow initial detection.

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